Month: December 2017

Amidst Lower Pricing Consumers Still Paying More for Energy

Perhaps the rollout of the new smart meters will enable consumers to save money on energy usage, but even reduced prices have shown that households and businesses still spent more on energy this winter than in the previous year. Oddly, this was despite the winter being milder than any within the past ten years and an overall decrease in the amount of energy consumed. Consumer Focus Explains Higher Bills According

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Looking to the Future Cost and Supply of Electricity

New data was just released by the global consultancy, PwC, in which there are interlocking concerns for the future of electricity throughout Europe and the entire world, for that matter. Because there is an ever increasing demand without the capacity to produce more electricity, prices are skyrocketing and the problem is forecast to worsen if serious changes aren’t instituted quickly. At the heart of concerns expressed by PwC are governments’

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Guardian blog forecasts UK energy crisis before the end of the decade

In the recent past, Government has published a draft of the electricity market reform bill and they are soon expected to cut subsidies to onshore wind farms, perhaps by as much as 25%. These are fatal mistakes according to a post in The Guardian and mistakes that Britons will remember well when the energy crisis hits. The date they forecast as being the point of no return is said to happen sometime

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Goodwill for householders in North East after storms

Most people complain that the cost of electricity keeps rising, even though these are times of austerity and many households have halved their income over the past few years. Some families are even without income due to the major provider of the household having been made redundant due to downsizing or business closures. In an unusual show of goodwill for an energy distributor, Northern Powergrid has offered cash back to

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