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British Gas offer a single tariff to business customers, called British Gas Business Electricity. Contracts run for a fixed term of one, two or three years, with rates fixed for the length of the contract. This means you can protect your business from price rises and manage energy expenditure with more stability. British Gas can provide multi-site deals, and also offer free energy efficiency advice to help businesses reduce consumption and save money. Basic quotations are available online, while large organisations will receive a bespoke quotation direct from a member of the British Gas sales team. The company will guide your business through the switching process, and also offer a short ‘no obligation’ trial period in case you change your mind.

As well as a unique tariff, British Gas offer a number of products and services exclusively to business customers. The Business Energy Insight service uses a Smart Meter to provide detailed analysis of energy usage throughout the day, while Energy360 offers a range of products and services that help businesses manage energy use effectively, reduce waste and carbon emissions, and even microgenerate energy on-site using solar panels, heat pumps and wind turbines.