Dual Energy

Dual Energy is a small independent energy supplier, which specialises in servicing the needs of small to medium sized businesses in the UK. The company provides all business customers with smart meters, which are used to cut out estimated bills, making sure that you always pay for what you use.

Customers can also make use of Dual Energy’s partner eSight service, which allows you to view up to date energy consumption data online. You can use this to track peaks in energy usage, and subsequently implement intelligent energy efficiency measures which will save your business a considerable amount of money in the long term.

After you sign up to supply from Dual Energy, your smart meter will be installed within 4-6 weeks. Once the meter is in place, meter readings are taken automatically, which saves you the hassle of having to do it manually. If you sign up for a three year contract, you’ll receive a smart meter free of charge, although there will be a fee if you decide to go for a shorter contract term.

Dual Energy encourages customers to pay bills by Direct Debit, and receive statements in electronic format. You can opt for paper bills or payment by cheque or BACS, but Dual Energy will charge additional administration fees if you take any of these options. Ultimately, e-billing and Direct Debit payment not only save you money, but they’re both better for the environment too.

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