First Utility

First Utility’s business packages work in much the same way as their consumer deals, but with a few subtle differences.

The Standard contract runs for one or two years, with rates fixed in place for the duration. You’ll have a Smart Meter installed when you sign up, the cost of which can be paid for up front or spread over a meter contract of up to five years. The Smart Meter sends meter readings to First Utility automatically, and up-to-date usage information is available for you to access online at any time. The meter also does away with estimated billing, which combined with payment by Direct Debit, can allow your business to manage energy costs with much more certainty. On top of that, once the meter has been in place for a year, First Utility also offer up to three different rates on your tariff. This means that your package can be tailored to suit the energy consumption trends of your business, which helps you save even more money.

First Utility also offer a 3 year contract to businesses, with the cost of Smart Meter installation incorporated into the standing charges on the tariff. With rates fixed in place for three years, this package can help your business budget more effectively in the long term. Multiple rates are also available once the meter has been installed for twelve months, which makes it possible for your business to micro-manage energy consumption and save even more money.

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