GDF SUEZ Energy UK is one of the country’s leading specialists in commercial and industrial energy supply, and has been delivering customer satisfaction since 1999. The company offers a wide range of products to suit the needs of small, medium and large businesses, and is constantly looking for new ways to innovate in what has become a very crowded sector.

GDF SUEZ Energy UK is part of the multinational GDF SUEZ Group, which is currently the 24th largest company in the world, and is by far and away the biggest utility company on the market today. GDF SUEZ Group is also the world’s largest independent power producer, and presently generates 18.4% of its worldwide energy supply from renewable or low-carbon sources. The company’s renewable quota is significantly higher than its multinational parent, as reflected in its official energy mix statistics:

Natural Gas 40.5%
Renewable 28.0%
Coal 25.2%
Nuclear 3.7%
Other 2.6%

Regardless of the size, consumption and budget of your business, GDF SUEZ Energy UK will have a product to suit your needs. The company provides gas and electricity supply, with fixed or flexible pricing structures, depending on your required level of risk. They also produce a comprehensive catalogue of market analysis reports, to help your business track and exploit any change in energy market conditions.

GDF SUEZ Energy UK also provide customers with the option of renewable and low-carbon energy supply, which comes from sources such as wind, solar and hydroelectric power, as well as carbon-efficient generation methods such as Combined Heat & Power (CHP). The company offers Levy Exempt Energy, which can boost your green reputation as well as earning you exemption from the government’s Climate Change Levy. GDF SUEZ Energy UK can also provide your business with CarbonZero Gas, which offers a viable method of offsetting the harmful carbon emissions associated with natural gas consumption.

Tariffs for businesses

Two general tiers energy package are currently availiable, although each can be individually tailored to the specific needs of your business. The company’s Energy Professional service is aimed at small to medium sized businesses, or any organisation that needs a straightforward, low-maintenance energy contract. As part of this service, you’ll be provided with a fixed price contract for an agreed number of years, which allows your business to manage budgets with a greater degree of certainty. Alternatively, a low-maintenance flexible contract can be agreed, allowing you make use of market fluctuations to purchase cheap energy at the right time. As part of this flexible service, you’ll receive the full range of GDF SUEZ Energy UK’s energy market reports. These will enable you to make informed purchasing decisions, and ensure the development of a successful energy purchasing strategy.

Energy Professional customers will get a dedicated Account Manager, as well as a variety of consumption and data management tools. These include Automated Meter Reading (AMR), which ensures consistently accurate billing, and does away with the need for manual meter reading. AMR data can be viewed online using the EnergYse service, allowing you to analyse the energy consumption trends of your business, and subsequently improve energy efficiency with greater effectiveness. Energy Professional customers can also make use of EDI Invoicing, which allows you to receive all utility bills and statements in electronic format. Rather than receiving electronic versions of paper statements, GDF SUEZ Energy UK can send billing information directly to your in-house computer system, saving time and money in your accounting procedures.

The second tier of service is called Energy Expert, which is designed for large business customers with high levels of consumption, who want to take a proactive role in the process of energy purchasing. This package includes a far greater degree of flexibility than the Energy Professional service, but still comes with all the consumption and data management tools that are made available to smaller businesses. This service will be of particular interest if your business generates renewable or low-carbon energy on-site, as GDF SUEZ Energy UK can help you export energy more effectively, and also offer a variety of Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) to help you exploit the full potential of your energy generation capabilities.

The Energy Expert service also offers a real time risk management tool, a risk management advisory service and access to GDF SUEZ Energy UK’s Retail Hedging Team, as well as the full range of market reports available to Energy Professional customers. On top of that, your business will receive use of a number of demand management products, including participation in the National Grid’s STOR service, and Triad early warning services to make sure that you avoid the high transmission costs that come during peak periods of electricity demand during the winter season.

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