Opus Energy

Opus Energy is a leading supplier of both gas and electricity to commercial organisations in the UK.

Natural Gas 80%
Renewable 20%
Coal 0%
Nuclear 0%
Other 0%

Much of the natural gas component in Opus Energy’s fuel mix comes from Combined Heat & Power (CHP) sources. Whilst not renewable in the same way as wind, solar or hydroelectric power, CHP is a highly efficient method of harnessing otherwise wasted energy, and is extremely low on carbon emissions. Opus Energy promise to work closely with wholesale providers to supply gas as cheaply as possible, and quickly respond to changing market conditions in order to pass on cost savings whenever the opportunity arises.

Opus Energy customers benefit from a wide variety of contract and invoice terms, with fixed rate contracts available for up to four years. The company currently supplies over 130,000 business customers with electricity, and markets itself as a provider of low-cost energy that is frequently obtained from renewable or low-carbon sources. The customer service team is based in the UK, and promises that all telephone calls will be answered within thirty seconds. When switching your business to Opus Energy, the company will handle all stages of the process for you – all you have to do is sign the contract.

At no extra cost, Opus Energy is currently supplying all customers with smart meters, which the company claims can reduce electricity consumption and expenditure by 12.3% on average. Smart meters do away with the need for manual meter reading and estimated billing, which can help your business budget more effectively by always only paying for what you actually use.

Opus Energy also offer a detailed online account management system, with discounts available for receiving bills in electronic format. You’ll be able to view account and invoice history whenever you want, with information on multiple business sites categorised and stored in a logical order.

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