Power NI

Power NI currently supplies over 30,000 small business clients across Northern Ireland, and is also the country’s largest supplier in the SME sector. Bespoke packages are available for large businesses and organisations with multiple sites, with prices and terms fixed to suit size and energy consumption. By comparison, small and medium sized businesses can choose from three different tariffs, with energy charged at different rates depending on how and when you use it.

The standard tariff is known as Popular, for which customers pay a consistent per-unit rate at any time of day, alongside a daily standing charge which is billed every quarter. This is ideally suited to mixed retail businesses, offices, or any organisation that operates on standard 9am-5pm opening hours.

Power NI’s second small business tariff is Nightsaver, which is generally aimed at food retail businesses with intensive heating or chilling requirements. The standing charge and daytime rates are higher than those found on the Popular tariff, with the pay off coming in the form of low rates available for heating and night time energy usage.

The company’s final small business tariff is called Weekender, which is generally aimed at pubs, clubs or any other business which opens mainly during evenings or weekends. The standing charge on this package is the same as the Nightsaver tariff, although Monday-Friday daytime per-unit rates are a little higher. However, a lower rate is charged during the evening between 8pm-7.30am, and also during the day and night on Saturdays and Sundays.

It’s also worth noting that while Power NI’s Eco Energy package isn’t available to business clients, they hope to be able to roll out the Keypad service to small businesses within the foreseeable future.

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