Total Gas & Power

Total Gas & Power is one of the country’s largest suppliers of gas and electricity to businesses customers, and according to Cornwall Energy Consultants, the company is currently the leading supplier of gas to large commercial and industrial organisations in the UK. Although Total Gas & Power predominantly use traditional sources, the company is also making inroads into low-carbon and renewable methods of generation, including Combined Heat & Power (CHP). Total Gas & Power’s fuel mix is as follows:

Natural Gas 48.9%
Coal 35.7%
Renewable 6.5%
Nuclear 5.2%
Other 3.7%

The company offers a wide variety of different options to business customers, with packages tailored to meet the size, consumption and individual requirements of each client. They provide an Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) service to all customers, which uses wireless technology to escape the need for estimated billing, and provides accurate real-time information on the consumption trends of your business. As well as helping your business forecast energy spend more effectively, AMR can also help you streamline consumption, and make considerable savings on the cost of energy supply. Total Gas & Power also work closely with customers who generate their own on-site energy, and will produce tailor-made Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) to match the consistency and intensity of the energy generated by your business.

Tariffs for small to medium sized businesses

Total Gas & Power have put together a variety of packages to reflect the unique and diverse needs of small to medium sized businesses. Each package is designed to be straightforward and reliable, allowing you to focus on business operations without worrying about the fine detail of your energy supply. The company understands that some business customers want the certainty of a fixed price, fixed term contract, while others want the flexibility to profit from daily fluctuations in the cost of energy.

The company’s Standard Price Contracts are ideal if you need energy costs to remain stable for a long period, which helps you budget with more security while you focus your attention on the smooth running of your business. Contract terms for gas supply can be agreed for up to 60 months, while electricity supply can be fixed for a period of 12, 24 or 36 months. In each case, per-unit rates are fixed for the duration of the contract, and depend upon the size and predicted consumption of your business. Regardless of potential highs and lows in energy usage, costs are spread evenly across the year, with bills paid every month by Direct Debit.

If you want to take advantage of fluctuating energy prices, then Total Gas & Power offer two different types of tracker contract, called the Winter Tracker and the Annual Tracker. Both packages balance the security of fixed rates with the flexibility of variable pricing, allowing your business to take advantage when energy prices are low.

On a Winter Tracker contract, energy prices are fixed for the summer period, with the cost of a percentage of your winter usage also agreed ahead of time. Should your business use more energy than the pre-set winter amount, the extra supply is bought in at current market rates. If this proves to be cheaper than your fixed contract rate, Total Gas & Power will credit your account the following summer. This package is ideal if your business consumes more energy during the months of winter, and if you are also implementing measures to make your business operations more energy efficient.

The Annual Tracker contract works in a similar fashion, except that the fixed rate percentage applies all year round, rather than during the winter period alone. As long as you can cope with a degree of carefully managed risk, this package is perfect if your business consumes energy at a constant rate throughout the year.

Total Gas & Power are committed to the promotion of sustainable energy solutions, including low-carbon CHP generation alongside renewable sources such as wind, solar and hydroelectric power. As such, any small to medium sized business can choose to add Cleaner and Renewable Power to any one of the contract options described above, with no extra fees, standing charges or per-unit rate increases. Total Gas & Power acknowledges this choice with official certification, which can be used to promote the green credentials of your business to customers and staff alike.

Tariffs for large businesses

Any business with an annual gas or electricity consumption of 10 GWh per annum falls into the large business category, and can benefit from the highly specialised services offered by Total Gas & Power. The company offers innovative products and flexible terms, with unique contracts developed to suit the individual needs of your business. Total Gas & Power also offer free energy advice to large business customers, to help you increase the efficiency of your energy consumption, and install renewable or low-carbon energy generation systems on-site.

In order to help large business customers make informed decisions about energy purchasing, Total Gas & Power also offer a number of bulletins and reports to keep you up to date with changing market conditions. These include daily reports on energy prices, weekly and monthly reviews complete with detailed analysis and forecasting, and bespoke customer position reports to help you maintain an intelligent and effective energy purchasing strategy.

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