Corona Energy

Corona Energy supplies energy to businesses in the UK, although the gas market is the company’s particular area of expertise. The company provides services to commercial organisations and public sector bodies, and offers flexible pricing structures, flexible contract terms and flexible billing options. Corona Energy can put together a package to suit the needs of almost any organisation, with perks including automated meter reading, electronic billing, and a variety of technical services to help you adapt your on-site gas supply to suit changing operational requirements.

Corona Energy has also recently joined the Renewable Energy Association, and is currently the only industrial and commercial gas supply specialist to have done so. This will put Corona Energy at the forefront of developments in bio-methane, which is otherwise known as Green Gas, a form of energy currently in its infancy in the UK. While large strides have been taken by the energy industry to reduce the carbon footprint of electricity supply, natural gas has been lagging behind, but Corona Energy believes that Green Gas will soon change all that. By signing up to gas supply from Corona Energy, you can be sure that your business will be ideally placed to benefit from advances in Green Gas technology. This is not only beneficial for the reputation of your organisation, but may also work around the Climate Change Levy, which will help your business save money and help prevent climate change at the same time.

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