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Clerical Error by E.ON Causes Business Panic

Although the Climate Change Levy (CCL) is nothing new to businesses in the UK, the amount one company notified its customers would be added to their bills was a bit of a shock, to say the least. According to business customers of E.ON, they received a letter stating that from 1 April they had a surcharge of £5.09 per kWh of electricity used, which is the equivalent to approximately boiling

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Elster to Provide 300,000 Smart Meters to E.ON

Amidst mounting concerns over the security of smart meters, Elster has announced that it has secured the contract for providing as many as 300,000 smart meters to the UK energy company, E.ON. These will be dual-fuel meters that are intended to help consumers control the amount of energy being used. Elster: Global Giant in Metering Technology Because of Elster’s prominence in the metering technology market, it should come as no

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E.ON’s Billing Improvements to Benefit SMEs in the UK

Just as news hit the press that investors are becoming increasingly cautious about investing in alternative power technology due to ‘fuel poverty’ in a stagnant economy, E.ON announced plans to benefit SMEs in the UK. Much of their strategy lies in the way businesses will be billed to avoid backdating three-year bills, but this is just the beginning of how the energy supplier intends to assist businesses in their plight

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Amidst Lower Pricing Consumers Still Paying More for Energy

Perhaps the rollout of the new smart meters will enable consumers to save money on energy usage, but even reduced prices have shown that households and businesses still spent more on energy this winter than in the previous year. Oddly, this was despite the winter being milder than any within the past ten years and an overall decrease in the amount of energy consumed. Consumer Focus Explains Higher Bills According

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