Ovo Energy

A small independent company which entered the energy market in 2009, Ovo Energy aims to provide simple, confusion-free tariffs, great value for money, and excellent customer service. Although Ovo Energy does rely on traditional sources of energy generation, the company is also committed to providing their customers with a green alternative. Ovo Energy’s fuel fix is as follows:

  • Natural Gas               35%
  • Renewable               32%
  • Coal                            26%
  • Coal                            4%
  • Other                          3%

Unlike many major suppliers, Ovo Energy’s entire customer service operation is based in the UK, so you’ll always get a familiar sounding voice on the end of the phone.

Tariffs for consumers 

Ovo Energy offers two straightforward tariffs for home energy supply, both of which share a number of common features. These include the option to take dual-fuel supply, payment by Direct Debit, and fixed rates for the duration of your twelve month contract. You’ll have the choice of receiving bills in paper or electronic format, while Ovo Energy will also pay you 3% interest if your account is in credit.

New Energy Plan is Ovo Energy’s standard package, with 15% of the electricity supplied coming from renewable sources. Beyond renewable generation, Ovo Energy primarily relies on natural gas and coal burning to provide electricity on this plan, although they do supply power from some nuclear sources as well.

Ovo Energy’s second package is called Green Energy Plan, with all electricity coming from 100% renewable sources. This is a little more expensive than the New Energy Plan, but for the extra cost you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you’ve reduced your carbon footprint.

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