Utilita is one of the UK’s many independent suppliers of gas and electricity, with a particular specialisation in the prepayment market. The company is relatively traditional when it comes to sourcing its energy, as confirmed by the energy mix statistics:

  • Natural Gas               34.9%
  • Coal                            31.1%
  • Nuclear                      29.2%
  • Other                          4%
  • Renewable               0.8%

When you sign up for supply of electricity or dual-fuel, Utilita will install up to four pieces of equipment at your home: an electricity meter, gas meter, a freedom unit and a communications hub. The hub sends information to both the freedom unit and to Utilita, meaning that the company can keep a watchful eye in case anything goes wrong. You can also view up to date information on your energy usage, which helps you manage your consumption more efficiently.

Tariffs for consumers 

Utilita offer three tariffs for household energy supply, all of which apply to both gas and electricity customers.

The company’s Standard package features no daily standing charge, with variable per-unit rates charged for customers with regular and Economy 7 meters. You’ll be able to pay your bills by telephone, online or by Direct Debit, and there’s no cancellation fee if you decide to change supplier.

Utilita’s second tariff is called Energy Saver, which is slightly cheaper than the Standard package. You have to sign up for Direct Debit payment to get these lower rates, but there’s no cancellation fee if you choose to switch.

Finally, Utilita offer a prepayment package called GET Smart. Unlike most pay as you go deals, there’s no daily standing charge, while Utilita also utilise the communications hub to send top ups directly to your meter.

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