Utility Warehouse

As energy suppliers go, the Utility Warehouse Discount Club is pretty unique. The company is a one stop shop for supply of all household utilities, including gas, electricity, broadband, home telephone and mobile phone services, which are all charged on a single monthly bill. Utility Warehouse currently serves over 233,000 customers across the UK, and the more services you sign up for, the more money you save. Utility Warehouse’s energy mix is as follows:

  • Natural Gas               57%
  • Coal                            31%
  • Renewable               6%
  • Nuclear                      3%
  • Other                          3%

Tariffs for consumers 

Rather than offer a host of separate packages, Utility Warehouse provide a number of different options for you to cherry pick, depending on your circumstances. Along with a Standard rate, the company offers Fixed Price and Economy 7 tariffs, and will also supply electricity or gas to customers with Prepayment Meters.

Utility Warehouse encourage customers to sign up for its Budget Plan, and pay for estimated consumption in twelve monthly instalments, which evenly spreads the cost of energy supply over the year. However, the company will also allow you to pay for what you use every month, which is called Monthly in Arrears. It’s worth noting that on the latter plan, your bills will be much higher in the winter months than they will be during summer.

On top of these options, Utility Warehouse don’t impose a minimum contract term, and guarantee that gas supply will be cheaper than British Gas, while electricity will cost less than your local provider.

If you take four or more services from Utility Warehouse, you’ll achieve Gold Status, and qualify for the Double the Difference price promise. Double the Difference guarantees that if you don’t save money once you switch to Utility Warehouse, the company will refund you double the additional cost. On top of that, Gold Status provides you with £200 to help cover the cost of switching, and a massive 10% discount off your energy bills. You’ll also receive a bunch of other perks for phone and internet services, including free calls, cheap broadband, and a free smartphone if you sign up for all five eligible services

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