EDF Energy

If your business is small or medium in size, you can select from three different contract options. Both offer a variety of different tariffs, as well as three different types of meter, known as Business Standard, Business Economy7 and Business Evening and Weekend. This helps you pick a package that best fits the energy consumption patterns of your business.

The Business Energy Saver contract varies in length from 1-3 years, with fixed rates that protect you from price rises, helping your business to manage costs more effectively. Your rates are automatically reviewed when the fixed term ends, with a dedicated Business Team on hand to deal with any queries. EDF also provide businesses with free energy efficiency advice, while discounts are available if you pay by Direct Debit.

The Business Energy Renewable contract offers all the benefits listed above, while also providing you with energy exclusively generated from renewable sources. If it’s important for your business to display strong green credentials, then this contract could be the right choice, as EDF will help you promote your use of renewable energy to both staff and customers.

EDF also offer businesses the Blue for business package, which guarantees supply of energy from low-carbon nuclear sources. Rates are currently fixed for over four years, while your account is managed online with paperless billing. However, EDF charge early termination fees if you decide to cancel, so do take this into account before committing to a long contract.

Large businesses benefit from a more bespoke service, with EDF providing quotations on-demand.

Their Fixed Price contracts work in much the same way as their consumer and small business variants, locking down your rates for a predetermined period.

Flexible Purchasing contracts are designed for large businesses with high energy usage, and help you better cope with market volatility by spreading energy purchasing based upon an energy price risk management strategy.

Finally, EDF also offer Specialist contracts, which are particularly suitable for public sector organisations, pan-European companies, or large businesses that need to purchase energy from renewable sources.

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