LoCO2 Energy

One of the youngest independent suppliers on the market, LoCO2 Energy only began trading in July 2009, although its parent group has been involved in the industry since 1997. The company’s mission is to provide consumers and businesses with green energy without paying a premium rate, as part of a drive to change energy consumption trends in the UK. LoCO2 Energy has significant access to hydro-electric power sources, which are owned by its sister company, TLS Hydro. In total, the company operates eight hydropower stations, with five in Scotland, two in England and one in Wales. LoCO2 Energy are one of the few companies to record two different sets of fuel mix statistics, which reflect the key differences between their different tariff groupings:

Tariffs: Planet, Planet Fixed, Pocket+ and Heatwise 
  • Renewable               100%
  • Coal                            0%
  • Natural Gas               0%
  • Nuclear                      0%
  • Other                          0%
Tariffs: Pocket and Pocket Fixed 
  • Natural Gas               80%
  • Renewable               20%
  • Coal                            0%
  • Nuclear                      0%
  • Other                          0%

It’s important to note that the natural gas component of the Pocket tariffs reflects LoCO2 Energy’s use of Combined Heat & Power (CHP) energy generation, rather than reliance on harmful fossil fuel burning. While the company’s Planet, Pocket+ and Heatwise tariffs supply energy with zero carbon footprint, the two Pocket tariffs are extremely low in carbon emissions, and are still viable options for the environmentally conscious consumer. LoCO2 Energy also offers a number Feed-In Tariffs for customers who generate their own electricity.

Tariffs for consumers 

LoCO2 premium tariffs are called Planet and Planet Fixed, the first of which offers electricity at variable rates, while the second fixes prices for a year. Both tariffs provide energy from 100% renewable sources, with most coming from hydropower or wind turbines.

Pocket+ is LoCO2 Energy’s standard tariff, which provides power supply at variable rates. Although Pocket+ electricity still comes from 100% renewable sources, LoCO2 Energy also incorporate biofuels, landfill gas and anaerobic digestion processes into generation methods. While not sustainable in the same way as solar, wind or hydro energy, these processes are still 100% green and produce no carbon emissions at all.

LoCO2 Energy’s economy tariffs are known as Pocket and Pocket Fixed, with lower prices reflected in the methods used to generate electricity. While relying upon some hydroelectric power, these tariffs supply the majority of your electricity from CHP sources. These are not as green as renewable methods, but still produce very low levels of carbon dioxide, which make them credible alternatives if you’re environmentally conscious but are operating on a tight budget. The Pocket tariff offers variable rates, while Pocket Fixed locks prices down for a year, with a cancellation fee charged if you decide to switch early.

Finally, LoCO2 Energy offers the Heatwise tariff, which is specifically designed for customers with renewable heat technology in their homes. On top of competitive rates, LoCO2 Energy will credit you back 5% of your bill on this tariff, which will be of particular interest if you are receiving the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive.

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