Gazprom Energy

Gazprom Energy supply gas and electricity to commercial and industrial organisations, and are a subsidiary of Gazprom, the largest natural gas extraction company in world. As well as supplying energy, the company also provides carbon management solutions, embedded generation and other site services, which can help your business keep up with developments in energy supply and production. Although the history of the company is rooted in the supply of natural gas, the company entered the electricity market in 2009, and now supplies both traditional and renewable electricity. Gazprom Energy’s fuel mix statistics read as follows:

Natural Gas 48.9%
Coal 35.7%
Renewable 6.5%
Nuclear 5.2%
Other 3.7%

Gazprom Energy offers competitive prices, flexible billing systems and top quality customer service, regardless of the size of your business. Whether you require gas supply, electricity or both, you can choose between fixed and flexible purchasing contracts which will be customised to meet your needs.

Fixed Purchasing contracts are designed to protect your business against any unexpected rises in the price of energy, which allows you to budget with greater confidence and security. Contracts can run for up to three years, with monthly statements and a monthly or quarterly billing structure. You’ll get an online account management tool, which you can use to submit meter readings and view your account history. You can also choose to have an Automated Meter Reading (AMR) device installed, which uses wireless communications technology to take regular meter readings, and ensures that you only pay for the energy you consume.

Alternatively, Gazprom Energy’s Flexible Purchasing contracts allow your business to track market developments, and benefit when energy prices are low. Short and long term contracts are available, and you’ll be charged a fixed management fee for which you’ll get access to a team of experienced retail energy traders and a dedicated account manager. You’ll also get a wide variety of detailed analytic reports to help your business keep in touch with developments in the energy markets.

Gazprom Energy customers can also opt for the company’s Levy Exempt Backed (LEB) electricity, which guarantees that your energy will be supplied from 100% renewable sources. This service won’t cost your business any more than standard electricity supply, as Gazprom Energy’s LEB charge will take the place of the government’s Climate Change Levy, making it possible to obtain environmentally friendly electricity without paying a premium price.

Customers can also take advantage of carbon management services, including carbon trading, carbon offsetting and carbon neutral gas supply. If your business has installed any embedded electricity generation technology, such as wind turbines or Combined Heating and Power (CHP) generators, Gazprom Energy also has a number of Power Purchasing Agreements (PPA) and Energy Trading Agreements (ETA) to select from.

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